Student Survival: 3 Things You Need

Life as a student can be difficult, but here are three things that can help a student survive according to Mount Royal University undergraduate student Ghaida Abosafi.

Coffee: A Student Stimulus

A student stimulus

Abosafi said a stimulus of some sort can help students to focus and get through their day. She said a huge part of coffee is the placebo effect that it produces, but this is still helpful to keep students going through a busy day. Another helpful attribute of coffee, especially during Calgary’s frigid winters, is the comfort it can provide. Abosafi said drinking a hot coffee on a cold day can provide a nice, relaxing break. The other thing that makes coffee appealing to a broke college kid? “Coffee is cheaper than food and it’s an appetite suppressor,” said Abosafi with a grin. 

A Support System

A student support system

Abosafi said a support system is necessary for a college kid to have. It could be a parent, brother, sister, friend, or pet, just someone who can be there to provide support and encouragement to a student. Abosafi said that one cannot get through school alone, so a support system can be something for a student to lean on. She said that person can be the one to tell you that all the stress is worth it and that person can help to keep you motivated. This person is especially necessary when one hits a low point in his or her studies. “When you’re alone it’s easier to quit,” admitted Abosafi. “That person can help get you over the hump.”

A Plan

A student plan

Abosafi said it is important for a student to have a plan both in the short term and in the long term. A short-term plan is more practical in that it can help the student figure how he or she is going to get through the week, month, or semester. This short-term plan, according to Abosafi, can help to figure out how to balance school, work, social life, and sleep for the student.  A long-term plan is also needed because it allows the student to set an end goal and gives a point to the student’s studies. Abosafi said it’s easier for a student to succeed when he or she sees an end goal that is in reach. “It’s important to have a vision and know where to go,” she said. 

Article written by @humanofyyc.

Brennan Black